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Please note appointments are being conducted REMOTELY at this time.


Dr. Nassim Rouhani is a consultant pediatrician who sees children and adolescents aged 0 to 17 years by referral for pediatric concerns (ie. ADHD, asthma, constipation, eczema).

To request a consultation please speak with your Primary Care Provider.

Please note that for ADHD management, Dr. Rouhani's focus is on optimizing function and treatment.

If seeking a formal diagnosis of ADHD for documentation purposes, a formal psychoeducational assessment is your next step. This can be obtained via your child's school board (if applicable) or can be sought and paid for privately.


Requirements For Remote Appointments

Please note there is a growing number of vulnerable children/adolescents waiting to receive specialized care from Dr. Rouhani - consultant pediatrician. We understand that everyone is struggling to adjust and manage during this difficult period. Nonetheless, when an appointment date is provided patients must ensure they are available and ready for the remote visit. We are all facing these unprecedented times together and together must work to promote the best possible well-being for all!    

Follow-Up Appointments: are conducted as a Phone Visit. The physician calls from a private number during a specified time-window. A missed appointment fee is due if the call is unanswered. At least two (2) business days' notice is required for requests to reschedule/cancel these remote appointments to avoid a fee.  

Initial Consultation Appointment: is conducted as a Virtual Visit (currently via Zoom). Parent(s) and child must be signed-in with a working audio and webcam at least 10 minutes prior to the appointment time. Failure to arrive for the virtual visit will result in file closure and the referring doctor notified. At least three (3) business days' notice is required for requests to reschedule/cancel these lengthy appointments to avoid a fee.    

Please Note

  • An appointment with the physician is required to address all questions/concerns, including prescription renewals.
  • All appointment requests (including to reschedule/cancel) should be submitted online at this website.
  • Email is used for administrative purposes only. Personal/health information should not be emailed. Emails will not be directed to the physician's attention.   
  • Fees vary based on the length of the remote appointment and are payable via e-transfer. 
  • We understand that many individuals are not comfortable proceeding remotely, and until the situation changes, are encouraged to follow up with their family doctor as needed. 

Informed Consent: By accepting to proceed with remote appointments you are providing consent to communicate and receive care using virtual and other telecommunications tools. You acknowledge that there are risks related to unauthorized disclosure or interception of personal health information and steps you can take to help protect your information. You acknowledge that care provided by these alternate means cannot replace the need for physical examination or an in person visit for some disorders or urgent problems for which you will need to seek care from your primary care provider, urgent care, or emergency department.